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Downtime Reduction Training   Remote alarming and faults display

Downtime Reduction Group has developed 14 technical courses for the purpose of training maintenance electricians and operators in fundamentals of electrical engineering disciplines. People who graduated from this school, depending on their successful exams will receive a certificate of completion or a diploma that is equal or greater than college equivalent. Please feel free to navigate to the Downtime Reduction School of Knowledge



Downtime Reduction School offers courses on the following subjects:

                   COURSE DESCRIPTION



  1. Industrial automation and communication
  2. Process control and instrumentation
  3. Hydraulic, pneumatic, and robotics
  4. PLC and HMI programming
  5. SCADA configuration and graphic design
  6. Open Protocol Communication (OPC)
  7. PLC h/w & s/w installation and activation
  8. Plant automation and networking
  9. WEB page design and domain hosting
  10. WEB servers and HTML programming
  11. Industrial electronics and signal processing
  12. Problem solving and troubleshooting
  13. Cyber security and protection
  14. Inventing and patenting
  15. Machine vision and applications
  16. AutoCAD and SolidWorks Electrical
  17. PLC Simulators and Emulators
  18. Automation Studio – process simulation
  19. Downtime Reduction Courses (14)
  20. Windows 10, 8, 7, XP hand-on
  1. One day
  2. 8 hours
  3. One day
  4. Four days
  5. One days
  6. 8 hours
  7. One day
  8. Two days
  9. Two days
  10. One day
  11. Two days
  12. Two days
  13. One day
  14. Four weeks
  15. One day
  16. Two days
  17. One day
  18. 8 hours
  19. 20 hours
  20. One day
One to four students

  1. One day        – $850
  2. Two days      – $1,450
  3. Three days   – $2,300
  4. Four days      – $3,950
  5. One week      – $5,000
  6. Two weeks    – $7,500
  7. Three weeks – $10,000
  8. Four weeks   – $14,000

Four to eight students – price is 25% off

  • 13% GST is extra
  • Travel time is not included
  • Reservations should be made 4 weeks in advance.
  • Use Contact  Us page to make reservations
  • Weekly course are 8 hours/day

As we said before on our home page, Downtime Reduction is the most important solution any industry is looking for at the present time. Since 90th, Downtime Reduction Group offers tremendous saving to any manufacturing company who is presently struggling with their downtime losses. While downtime problems started from the beginning of technical revolution back in 19th century, it continues still today. Furthermore, until today the ideal solution to this problem hasn’t been found. In the meantime, there are hidden savings still might be added to the overall Downtime Reduction Methodology implementation.

Why Downtime Reduction is a problem

Global manufacturers, in every industry, are facing mounting pressure to increase efficiency, boost productivity, increase profit margin, and reduce production costs. In fact, two percent of a gross sale is lost to mechanical and electrical maintenance, troubleshooting, and replacement of parts. As a result, it is become costly losses due to downtime. An obvious solution, which comes to a plant manager, is to reduce any downtime and/or a manpower. When any changes or upgrades in manufacturing process takes place, they put  additional burden to maintenance electricians, especially, to those who are taken care of PLC and any other intelligent devices on the production floor.

Hidden benefits

First of all, there is no need to connect maintenance laptop to the PLC at fault. Instead, a machine operator will be in the position to understand what the fault is and to pinpoint the root of a problem. Finally, the operator calls an electrician and tell him what to check or fix.

  • Most of all, the main benefit of implementing this methodology will be a really quick fault detection due to a new alarm display based on proprietary detection algorithm.
  • Hence, the actual troubleshooting time will be reduced from between 20 min to 2 hours, on average, to 1 min to 2 min due to our methodology.
  • Also, we will train machine operators to quickly analyze a meaning of any alarms display and fault indicators to be able to tell an electrician where the fault might be.
  • In addition, by offering Downtime Reduction Course your company don’t need to spend money on retraining maintenance crew.
  • Yet, the total number of maintenance personnel can be reduce by 20% to 40%.
  • In conclusion, after your company will recuperate all expenses, which are between 3 to 6 months depending on the complexity of the downtime reduction implementation, an estimated saving from downtime reduction becomes a real saving.
  • Finally, Downtime Reduction Group offers continuous knowledge upgrade to anyone who wants.

Our credentials

Our team is a highly trained system integrators, as well as PLC programmers, graphic designers, process control, and instrumentation specialists. Most of the time, we are using the latest automation technologies to solve immediate production problems. In addition, we will thoroughly evaluate your existing production equipment, its performance, and also all contributing factors related to your possible downtime reduction issues. Subsequently, our team will be taking care of PLC/HMI/SCADA programming and, finally, create a rapid root-fault location alarming screens. We also adjust our courses to reflect the existing knowledge level of your maintenance crew, as well as your engineering department who might be willing to get familiar with our downtime reduction methodology.

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