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Emil Sagal, P.Eng.

Registered Professional Engineer (Canada & USA), M.S. Electrical Engineering, Ph.D Cybernetics

Polytechnic Academy, Minsk, Belarus; Manitoba University Canada; School of Problem Solving, Baku, Aserbadjan

Emil Sagal

Emil is a founder of Downtime Reduction Methodology and a Downtime Reduction School of Knowledge. He gained his academic knowledge and practical experience while working for many privately-owned and government enterprises in several countries and in different capacities from an electrician and PLC programmer to a chief scientist and a general manager. He has accomplished hundreds of industrial and scientific projects by solving a great numbers of technical problems,  inventing and patenting those solutions. Emil is a technical writer, courseware developer and a WEB designer. In most cases, his main achievements spread across many industries and disciplines with obtained solutions that have never been solved before.

Emil’s approach to technical problems are well defined from conceptual design to construction, installation, testing and commissioning of industrial projects from a single production machinery to an overall plant automation, such as  $600M abatement project of Inco Ltd in Ontario Canada, $1.3B LaPrino Foods Factory in California, and $350M wind farm projects in five US states.

For the past 30 year Emil was working mostly in the private sector as a system integrator, PLC/HMI/SCADA/DCS programmer, inventor, and a teacher. He developed over 20 technical courses and conducted them across Canada and the USA, including his time as a professor of  Conestoga University of Technology in Ontario, Raytheon Engineering AL, Lavalin Engineering, Davi McKey, Acres, and several others.

Emil has decided to share his experience and a vast knowledge with anyone who needs it in order to make another step towards better job. In the meantime, he is helping PLC programmers with a stand-alone laptops loaded with the most common PLC and HMI software. His new and unique development is an external USB hard drive which works by connecting it to any computer and booting it up. Small size and weight of this EHD — external hard drive — is capable of having several operating systems and run a hundred of preinstalled PLC/HMI programs concurrently.

Emil’s present development is the Downtime Reduction Methodology. This methodology has been thoroughly tested and implemented dozens of times in different industrial projects, such as 100-ton electric arc furnace (Cambridge, Ontario), 11 metallurgical plants (Sudbury, Ontario), Enron Energy (CA, USA), Ultra-violet disinfection of wastewater (IL, CA, AUS), 10MW plasma steel melters (Canada, USA) , Environmental chambers (Monsanto MI, Zurich (Swiss), Moscow (Russia) and many more.

Emil holds several patents in electronics and mechanics. He is presently developing Downtime Reduction Academy – an online self-study multiple course learning website. It will offer an certified technical subjects that are equal or greater than college or university courses.


Ron Tabachnick

Director of Business Development. MBA, York University

Ron Tabachnik

Board of Directors always wanted a productive strategic plan? Clients acknowledge that I deliver a solution in under 5 hours.

One client’s testimonial: 
”Ron has an uncanny ability to enable business and personal associates to understand the current state of their personal and business relationships, to create a view of where one needs to go, and to create and capture a plan for success. His processes are professional and comprehensive. His capabilities at bringing out the understanding of issues, and the creation of a plan are extremely valuable to business personal and interpersonal relationships”.

When you are seeking the guidance of a facilitator for your next retreat, contact Ron at: Reduction of Downtime.

Ron graduated with B.Sc. from Hillsdale College in Michigan. He obtained his MBA from the George Washington University.

Ron is accomplished business facilitator with two books written on this topic:

         A Breakthrough in Strategic Planning

         How to become a duality consultant.


Eugine Grischuk

Product Development, Downtime Reduction Group 

Evgeni Grishchuk



Eugine is diversified engineer, with diploma in automation and business and administration. He has been working in many countries as a product development consultant. He has a great experience in selecting most suitable team players for projects he was involved with. His favorite industries and expertise in automation, transportation, finance, sports, and human development. during his last 20 year in business he has travelled to many different countries and established business ties with hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals.

Eugine is graduated from Novosibirsk Science Academy with major in Business and Finance.








Systems Integrator, PLC/HMI/SCADA programmer, and WEB designer