Getting reward for what you have done is only one side fo the coin. There are many more type of rewards you can get from this website.

Rewards from the WEB site

  • Understand what Downtime Reduction Methodology can do for you and your company.
  • Acquire knowledge for accomplishing each and every milestone of the methodology.
  • Have an access to thousands of other professionals in this field and ask their opinion.
  • Have a quick access to PLC/HMI/SCADA software, literature, hardware and software, installation and activation.
  • Use hundreds of PLC programming examples we offer for your own use at the place you work.
  • Ask Downtime Reduction experts of any topic and get a solution to your problem.
  • Apply acquired techniques and methods to actively reduce troubleshooting time of the equipment or device.
  • Get PLC/HMI/SCADA software for less than 5% of its retail price, fully functional and activated.
  • Order External Hard Drive with multiple PLC software programs of your choice.
  •         Find your favorite CAD program and update it with the new version for a fraction of the cost.
  •         Apply your newly obtained knowledge and gained experience to any place you go.

Select any free software from the list below

  • Free AutoCAD software
  • Free PLC Software (under construction)
  • Free HMI Software (under construction)
  • Free Demo (under construction)
  • Free Stuff (under construction)

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