Support technician is available to take your call.

It is very important to have someone at the end of a telephone line to help you when something goes wrong with your equipment or with your computer. The following plugin program will allow you to connect directly to one of our technician who will help you with your problem. This type of communication is very safe as you can disconnect it any time you want.

What do I need to do to get connected?

Using you Internet browser go to this site and download this plugin: TeamViewer Remote Quick Support.

When connection with our PLC technician has been established he will take control of your computer screen. Also, he will communicate with you using audio-visual communication program installed on both computers. He might to make some adjustments on your audio and video devices.

How is he going to communicate to the PLC HMI at my site?

He will use you computer to do all work. He will only make suggestions for you what to do.

How many remote computers do you right now?

At the present time we have over 200 companies and individuals who are using our PLC and PC remote assistance service on a regular basis.

Is there any legal issues in terms of liability insurance that I need to know?

All suggestions we will be doing are going to be done by you and not by our technician. However, we carry the most common liability insurance called “Errors and Omission Insurance”. It could cover your computer in case if it will stop working while our technician is working with you. Luckily, it hasn’t happened yet.


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