What is OPC UA technology?

  • Please note, that OPC technology is a communication protocol for a secure and reliable exchange of data in industrial automation applications. in fact, OPC UA/SCADA has the huge advantage of being platforhnology m-independent.
  • Furthermore, OPC ensures the seamless flow of information among devices from multiple vendors.
  • From sensors to cloud, OPC UA technology is fully scalable. It allows to use structures or models which makes governance and maintenance much easier.

OPC UA server is embedded into the gyeWON Flexy

  • From firmware v11.2, the eWON Flexy features an OPC UA server that allows easy access to tags through an OPC UA Client.
  • The OPC UA server supports DA layer of OPC UA and it is very easy to configure the tags for publishing on the OPC server.
  • The OPC protocol allows the client to simply browse the list of the available tags. In addition, the user only needs to pick up the tags he wants to monitor.

Typical applications

  • As expected, dream comes true for SCADA applications.
  • The OPC UA server is your great companion for the SCADA world. The OPC server is present in infrastructure, water, energy applications, etc.
  • With a quick configuration, the OPC server is completely independent from the PLC.

SCADA in control room using the eWON Flexy

  • There is an easy integration to SCADA systems
  • In addition, there is no need to buy and configure an OPC UA server
  • Consequently, there is an advantage over Modbus TCP easy set-up from OPC UA
eFive - SCADA technology in control room

Machine with OPC UA technology integrated

eFive - OPC UA
For more detail please refer to PLC Remote Access page here...

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