Selecting equipment

Identifying Production Equipment Problems




Identifying Production Equipment Problems -2

Selecting critical equipment

In order to start analyzing existing equipment  problems you need to consider several steps. They will help to reduce downtime for this machinery or associated device.

In addition, we focus on the critical equipment and identify what we need to do to improve the situation. We discovered that the Pareto rule applies here. It means that 80% of the downtime is caused by things that occurred only 20% of the time. Plant engineering or the accounting office should be able to provide statistical data on operating hours, production cost, and revenues.

Contract proposal

This is the most important step in achieving an overall downtime reduction results. It consists of revenue losses, document control, fault and alarm screens. Furthermore, it will include changes to the existing PLC/HMI programming, network modifications, and training. The contract proposal includes project deployment schedule, project cost, Return On Investment (ROI), the final test demonstration and acceptance test.

Finally, upon successful completion of the project, we will enter into a new contract. We will submit and present the following documents for approval: the proposal, project costs, duration, ROI, and benefits.

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