PLC Programmer

Field service and PLC programming

Field service alarms detection

Experience PLC programming and problem solving

This is a main qualification of Downtime Reduction Group PLC Programmer. generally,  he is capable to  program practically any PLC make and in any programming format. This, in turn, will allow your maintenance crew feel more comfortable to service plant production equipment. PLC Programmer will design and develop world-class automation solutions, as well ad HMI and SCADA graphics and communication. Duties and responsibility of the PLC Programming technician include control software design, software and other tasks. They are: communication to electrical and mechanical systems, process development, and machine installation. Programming and integration assignments involve leading-edge technologies and processes utilizing PLC, robotics, motion controllers, vision systems, laser and other controllers.

Project Procurement

PLC Programmer works without supervision, other then an initial given requirements provided by the Group.

PLC Programmer will be able to select, test and integrate hardware and software components. He is familiar with components,  such as robots, analog and digital devices, motion controllers, sensors, vision systems and lasers. He is working with other members of the Downtime Reduction Group to design and continuously improve methods of integrating controls technology, with the goals of enhanced safety, enhanced functionality, and reduced cost.


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