What we offer? We offer SOLUTION!

We can teach your maintenance crew how to find a proper solution to any technical problem

The Most Important Solution

Every industry realises how critical downtime reduction is to their bottom line. It started with the 19th century technical revolution. Until now, the ideal solution to this problem hasn’t been found. Yet, our solutions are different from any others that presently exist in industries, such as Manufacturing, Information Technology, Health, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Power.

Therefore, the solutions to reducing downtime is a global problem. Finally, after many years of perfecting and testing this approach the Downtime Reduction Methodology becomes available. This methodology has been evolved since the mid 80’s. As a result, Downtime Reduction Methodology uses the latest automation and computer technologies. Consequently, this approach will allow implementing remote access and assistance to any automation system presently installed.

Acquired Expertise

Our team of engineers, technologists, and PLC-HMI-SCADA programmers have expertise in numerous industries, such as:

  • ·         Automation
  • ·         Manufacturing
  • ·         Metallurgy
  • ·         Power Generation
  • ·         Water Treatment
  • ·         Pharmaceutical
  • ·         Electronic Production
  •           Process Control
  • ·         Traffic Control
  • ·         Warehousing
  • ·         Automotive
  • ·         Pick-and-place
  • ·         Packaging
  • ·         Many others

Searching for Solution

Consider the following list when analyzing possible roots of downtime problems:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Operational
  • Managerial
  • Material handling
  • Maintenance
  • Hardware
  • Software

This list, when fully analyzed, can tell you what you need to do to make the most effective impact on the whole Downtime Reduction process.

Downtime Reduction is the core business of the Downtime Reduction Group

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