System Acceptance Test

Together with your maintenance crew and machine operators we will conduct a thorough test on your control system to make sure that every possible system fault and alarm  have been checked and verified.

Definition of testing

Acceptance testing is a test to determine if the requirements of a specification or contract are met. It will involve:

performance tests

faults test and

alarms test

Special procedure will be deployed whereby many different faults will be initiated in order to detect them and identify by maintenance crew and machine operators.

The final acceptance test

This test will become a final point of the project. Specially prepared acceptance form will be presented during this part of the project.

Several important parts of this testing should be properly addressed, such as assurance, warranties, liability, etc. Any technical testing, especially alarming and faults detection, will become imminent for signing the final acceptance test document.

We have a standard template of the form to be filled at the end of the acceptance testing. This template will be available from our archive by request.

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