Our solutions are included into the Downtime Reduction Methodology. A group of industrial automation professionals have developed this methodology while doing projects across Canada, US and Europe. We are PLC/SCADA/HMI highly experienced professionals in systems integration, design, construction, installation, configuration, programming,  and troubleshooting of many complicated automation systems. We have started and finished numerous automation projects in varies industries. See Expert Solution page for details.


Historically, the automation revolution started when the first transistor came to life back in 1942. That was the beginning of the digital electronics.

  • The next technical revolution happened in the early 1960’s when the first PLC — Programmable Logic Controller — appears by Modicon (now Schneider Electric). It was called the Modicon 984 PLC.
  • Since that time, the science of automation starts to evolve 200% fold every 5 years. Now, we can see the most advanced automation hardware and software products developed by hundreds of PLC companies around the Globe.
  • A new HMI technology incorporates HTML WEB page programming, Microsoft, Android, Linux, and other operating systems.
  • WiFi has been built-in into HMI using a regular TCP/IP protocol and RF communication hardware modules.
  • Open Protocol Communication (OPC) allows remote assistance to any electronic device on the production floor and from any place across the world.
  • That is why the Downtime Reduction Methodology becomes very sophisticated and complicated.
  • That is why a new revolutionary approach to downtime reduction is necessary.

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