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The most important solution

  • Downtime reduction is the most important solution any industry is looking for.
  • Historically, it started from the beginning of the technical revolution back in 19th century.
  • However, until now an ideal solution to reducing downtime has not been found.

Found solutions

  • Finally, the Downtime Reduction Group and its members found all main solutions to the global problem of the reduction of downtime,
  • In addition, they tested those solutions and implemented them numerous times for the past 30 years in the following industries:




Power Generation

Water Treatment


Electronic Production

Process Control

Traffic Control






Downtime Reduction Group website

  • The Downtime Reduction Group website will show how to implement solutions to downtime problems.
  • Furthermore, you can use these solutions and easily deployed them with considerable results and noticeable money savings.

Return on investment (ROI)

  • Positive ROI within 6 months after implementing the Downtime Reduction Methodology is achievable.

Main focus

  • Reducing downtime is the main focus of the Downtime Reduction Group

Root of problems

  • A new method of solving downtime reduction problems is to find a root of the problem.
  • Then, to work further to accomplish the main goal – that is how to reduce the downtime – not how to reduce any associated cost.
  • Therefore, the following list of problems should be taken into consideration:

Electrical problems

Mechanical problems

Operational and managerial problems

Material handling problems

Maintenance problems

Hardware problems

Software problems

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