Identifying Downtime Problems

Initial Evaluation1.5 Hour$180
Second Evaluation1.5 Hour$180
Additional Evaluation1,5 Hour$180

Gathering Machine Data

PLC/HMI Evaluation3 Hours$350
Process & Electrical2 hours$240
Operation2 hours$240

Project Development

Design Stage40 hoursOn Location$110/hr
HW/SW/WEB ServerInstallationOn Location$3,500
Unified Logic Design40 HoursIn House$110/hr
WEB Screens Design40 hoursIn House$110/hr
Remote Access6 HoursOn Location$110/hr
Acceptance Test6 HoursOn Location$110/hr

Additional Information

We are a state-of-art technological company, which helps other industrial companies to save money and increase their profit by implementing our unique solutions and deploying Downtime Reduction Methodology.

Hardware and Software You Can Buy

Please refer to the Downtime Reduction Store Products section for descriptions and prices.

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