System Selection For Analysis

System selection for analysis is the first step in the subsequent downtime reduction development

Selecting machinery for downtime reduction

We provide machinery analysis

  • With the help and suggestions from plant manager and/or engineering department we will make a selection of a production machinery. By analyzing your control systems we will specify everything what need to be done to make it ready for downtime reduction deployment.
  • The machinery analysis will include the following items: WEB server, tablet-HMI, and fault/alarm screens, Unified Logic drawings and/or live screens, operation and maintenance manuals

Collecting system data

  • Downtime Reduction Group will analyze all available control systems data. In addition, any other relative information maybe required, such as: shifts, number of operators, etc. We will submit a checklist to the plant manger prior to our initial visit. It will take several days for preparing a contract proposal for one or more systems of your choice.
  • In conclusion, we will make a presentation of the project schedule, benefits, manpower, as well as a project cost.

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