Troubleshooting time reduction

Checking I/Os    Rewiring PLC

Why we are reducing troubleshooting time

This troubleshooting time solution comes from the beginning of automation era. Until now, any control system when installed doesn’t have a place for a PLC serviceman. In fact, only those servicemen are taking care of the control system repair. We decided to improve this situation by giving PLC servicemen an ability to locate a fault within 60 sec or so. First, we redesign all control system documentation. We make sure that every part of the system is shown on a drawing. It consists of all electrical schematics, HMI screens, and PLC logic place on one or several online displays or on offline drawings..

 Portable and remote communication

A WEB server will allow electrician to see the process, quickly analyse it and then to located any problem within the control system when it occurs.

All inputs and outputs on a portable screen will display all faults and alarms.Now, a machine operator.  An operator can see those alarms and faults, quickly analyze them and pinpoint to the root of the problem. Then a serviceman can fix that faulty device, modify any settings, or trace any problem ,

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