System Design and Programming

PLC Programming and troubleshooting

Before We Start

  • Customizing your control system with powerful solutions is the most useful way utilizing them for rapid troubleshooting and money savings.
  • We expect receiving all documentation, application software, HMI screens, electrical schematics, wiring diagrams, instrumentation index and other data.
  • Then we will start designing all required modifications.
  • In addition, we will provide the following solutions to expedite our proprietary Rapid Troubleshooting Programming.

Rapid Troubleshooting Programming 

  • This solution has been evolving over the past 30+ years while doing projects for different industries.
  • In addition, we have been teaching people how to design automation systems.
  • The actual design consists of the following main components:
    • identifying each and every part of the control system,
    • indexing all inputs and outputs,
    • creating the sequence of operations,
    • providing manual and automatic modes of operation, as well as
    • handling and displaying internal and external alarms and faults.
  • We will incorporate a new passive displays based on a smart phone or 10″ tablet HMI.
  • They will have a WiFi link to a WEB server installed on or nest to the PLC chassis.
  • An HTML screen will display any and all faults and alarms within the control system in place.
  • A proprietary algorithm will be able to pinpoint a root-cause of the fault and display an action to be performed to fix that fault.

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