Our Solutions Make Customers Happy

Our solution has been developed by a group of automation professionals who are PLC/SCADA/HMI experts in systems integration, design, installation, and deployment.

What makes us a Leader in Downtime Reduction?

When it comes to creating automation systems of the future, technical assistance and the most advance training in all aspects of industrial automation become a number one priority. The Downtime Reduction Group is your best choice for industrial automation solutions. We also provide the multi-disciplinary engineering know-how to support the most complex industrial control and automation application systems for the majority of all makes of PLC, HMI and SCADA systems.

  • The Downtime Reduction Group personnel have over 200 years of combined systems integration service experience in the electrical and automation industry. We solve our customers’ problems by designing state-of-the-art factory automation and control machinery, production and assembly lines.
  • Since the landscape is always changing we offer technologically advanced products and a control philosophy.
  • As you well know, you need not only quality automation products and systems, but also the knowledge to make them work.

What makes our customers happy?

There is nothing more important then to make plant engineers, machine operators, maintenance electricians and technologists happy than to know what they are doing and to see the results of their work. There is nothing more satisfactory to a person to see his or her efforts transformed into a product, piece of machinery, or a beautiful solution. There is nothing more rewarding than to understand the nature of things you are dealing with everyday. And there is nothing better than a feeling of making our life better!

Please book our presentation now. We will demonstrate how to reduce downtime of your production equipment and make your people feel happy.

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