While working in the manufacturing industry our team members have been developing this course for over 30 years. They gained a great amount of diversified experience by working for a number of clients in North America and Europe. Each and every time, when a new technical problem becomes imminent, it would require a specific solution. Hence, the practice of getting the Best Possible Result along with implementing multi-disciplinary engineering has became a prerequisite to solve the most complicated technical problems.

Finally, this solution has been successfully implemented in different industries. The only reason this solution is not readily available is the fact that it consists of several additional technical findings that have not been published yet.

 The name of this solution is Downtime Reduction Methodology

The website you are reading is presenting the Downtime Reduction Methodology to the industry. Any company who wants to save approximately $1M for every $100M of gross sales, will benefit from our approach. Statistically, about 2% of any gross sales are lost to downtime outage, where 1% of all losses are related to mechanical and 1% to electrical problems.

Training Courses

We recommend that you have your maintenance personnel as well as your engineering department and project managers taking this course – the Downtime Reduction Course.

For anyone who wants to take this course you need to know that all course material will be included. Please refer to this website for details: Downtime Reduction School.

The following main components of the course are listed below:

Introduction to Downtime Reduction Training Course

  • Day I

    • Electrical Engineering
    • Industrial Electronics
    • Process Control
    • Instrumentation
    • Automation & Control
    • PLC Programming
  • Day II

    • HMI Graphics Design
    • SCADA Systems Design
    • Documentation Conversion
    • Alarm and Fault Programming
    • Rapid Troubleshooting
    • Total Plant Automation
    • OPC – Open Protocol Communication
    • WEB Remote Programming and Display
  • Day III (optional)

    • Introduction to Automation Contracting
    • System Integration Services and Marketing
    • Presentation, Contract and Sales
    • Hiring and Payroll
    • Warranties and Support
    • Remote Help Desk
  • Exam and Certification

    • Exam Selection
    • Self-study
    • Taking Exam
  • Bonus DVD/USB

    • Books
    • References
    • Interactive Videos
    • PLC Software

Please refer to the Downtime Reduction School for detailed course schedule, dates, location, and fees.

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