Reconfiguring the System

 Downtime reduction communication network Remote PLC alarms and faults monitoring

Why We Reconfigure the System

This solution comes from the beginning of the automation era. Until now any control system when developed does not have a place for a service man. However, these servicemen are taking care of the control system. To improve this situation we offer the servicemen an ability to locate any fault within 60 sec. First, we redesign all control system documentation and combine all schematics, HMI screens, and PLC logic into one.

Portable and Remote Communication with PLC

A WEB server will allow the electrician to see the process and locate any problem within the control system when it occurs.

All inputs and outputs display their states on several screens for an operator and/or electrician to see and pinpoint the root of the problem. Then a serviceman can fix that faulty device, modify any settings, or trace any problem when needed.

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