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Every industry realises how critical downtime reduction is to their bottom line. It started with the 19th century technical revolution. Until now, the ideal solution to this problem hasn't been found ...

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Downtime Reduction Team at Work

Graphic Programmer is Changing HMI Settings

Our team consists of highly trained process controls engineers, system integrators, graphic designers, PLC technicians,  panel builders, and programmers. They adapted the latest automation technologies and are ready to solve your immediate problems. We will evaluate your production equipment and identify all contributing factors related to your downtime reduction issues. It might require PLC/HMI/SCADA programming, fault  and alarm detection algorithm as well as creating a root-fault visualization.

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Our Expertise Is Your Benefit

Downtime Reduction implementation along with our services are shown below. Please feel free to ask for details about each service. These services will be used in design, installation, simulation, and programming of your control systems for achieving maximum reduction of downtime.
Licensed Industrial Electricians
Licensed Industrial Electricians
 Graphic Designers
Graphics HMI/SCADA Designers
 Tablet View Into Machine
Tablet WEB Page Programmers
Rapid Trobleshooting
Instrumentation Troubleshooting
Experienced Programmer
You will get a highly professional service by certified programmers
We Work Flexible Hours
We schedule our services in accordance with your shut downs
Downtime Reduction Methodology Experts
We offer all parts of Downtime Reduction Methodology
WiFi & Wireless
We provide tablet-HMI and/or smart phone solutions for fault detection
HMI and SCADA Graphics
We will apply the latest state-of-the-art HMI and SCADA graphics
Cross-Platform Networking
Our solution is cross-platform PLC integration and communication
Highly Ethical and Professional Team
Our licensed crew will help you with all your programming needs
24/7 Tech Support
24/7 tech support is available beyond the warranty period
Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Our crew members are experienced robotics specialists and trainers
Plant Automation
Plant automation assistance will be recommended when needed
Continues Support and Remote Help-Desk
We provide in-person and remote help-desk support assistance
WEB Graphics and Coding
Faults and alarms will be displayed without PLC programming

Meet the Team

Emil Sagal


Downtime Reduction

My vast knowledge and experience I share with everyone I can...

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Evgeni Grishchuk


Project Manager

As a automation consultant  and project manager I have the opportunity to advice....

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Ronald Tabachnick


Business Development

I learned how to locate potential customers and open their doors ..

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Emil Sagal


Systems Integrator

Working for many industries as a systems integrator I've gained ...

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Downtime Reduction

My vast knowledge and experience I share with everyone I can...

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No matter whether control system is running good, there are still non-scheduled downtimes that cost your company unpredictable losses. Regardless of the situation, we are welcome the chance to help you to reduce downtime or even eliminate it altogether.

Downtime Reduction Insights and Benefits

Find out the latest trends in Downtime Reduction Methodology, how it works and what it is going to do for you. We are always happy to hear what you have to say, so be sure to leave a comment.

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